Sunday, September 23, 2007


Known as de Hoernle Park, in honor of Boca’s generous benefactor, the area around Blue Lake, formerly an IBM headquarters and acquired by Boca Raton, is being developed. A new dog park has opened; the library is back on track with development; plans are in the makings for an ice rink and a botannical gardens, but they won’t be ready any time too soon. With money short, the city will soon publish a request for proposals late this year or early next year (RFP) for developers who are interested in building a skating rink. Construction is planned for eight athletic fields in the southwest area, perhaps covered in artificial turf, using money from a bond issue, and the district will pay off the bond. While the architects are in the design process now, expecting 60% of the drawings to be available in October, the plans may include festooning of flower beds and criss-crossed walkways.


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