Tuesday, December 04, 2007


A new program aimed at homeowners who have steady incomes and relatively clean repayment histories, who can afford the lower introductory mortgage rates they have now, but cannot afford the higher adjusted rates, may freeze their current rates temporarily. While some government regulators are calling for a 5-7 year freeze, investors want 1-2 year freezes. Two million sub prime mortgage holders, offered to borrowers with spotty credit histories, are scheduled to reset to much higher levels by the end of 2008, pushing payments up by $350/month and more. When enacted, this may start to relieve the worst housing slump in many years. Also being discussed is a program to create more affordable loans to homeowners who would like to refinance mortgages with lower payments. Expansion of FHA loan availability and boosting government oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are being discussed as well. One trigger for these moves is fear of a full-blown recession if nothing is done to alleviate the current problems for many homeowners. This news is from the Florida Association of Realtors.

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