Saturday, March 01, 2008

YOU WALK AWAY... from a mortgage!
The International Herald Tribune’s 2-29-2008 headline “Faced with mortgage default, some U.S. homeowners walk out” will lead you to this site, which results in walking away from a home and mortgage and ceding the home to a bank in foreclosure: . The house then becomes the lenders problem, and the former homeowner might be able to rent a property for less than half the cost of their mortgage they left behind. According to the article, while in some states banks have recourse to sue borrowers for their losses, it is usually not done because the process “is costly and “people’s nonhousing wealth tends to be pretty slim”. For a copy of the article, email According to the founder of You Walk Away, which opened for business in January 2008, the company’s services are not for everybody and were meant as a last resort. Those finding themselves having to choose between a car payment and their kids’ health insurance or paying a ballooned mortgage may have an alternative now, and may feel that over the coming years their income will go up and their credit will improve while, in the meantime, they rent instead of owning a home.

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