Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Lake Ida residents prefer the area to be quiet, lush and private, a charming tucked-away neighborhood in Delray Beach’s northern end. They have drafted rules to restrict the size of new buildings in the neighborhood of 730 homes. The area goes from east of Lake Ida, south of NW 22nd St, west of Swinton Avenue and north of Lake Ida Road. City Commission is expected to hear the Lake Ida Neighborhood Building Guidelines proposal June 3rd. The new rules specify the size of house that can be built, but not the style of architecture or color of the exterior. Last week the new rules were supported by the Planning and Zoning Board, but commission approval is necessary. Some area homes are large with heavy landscaping, and others are small bungalows and 1950’s ranchettes. Some residents were concerned that the houses were getting too big for small lots, and eliminated privacy. For more than ten years, there has been discussion about helping to preserve the appeal of Lake Ida.

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