Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Delray Beach City Commission has voted to restrict the size of homes to be built in the Lake Ida neighborhood of 700+ homes. Residents who wanted to keep the new homes to the size of those already there were happy. Issues included maximum lot coverage, maximum floor area ratio, maximum percentage of floor area ration for upper stories, modification of front and rear yard setbacks for 2-story homes and new landscape requirements. The combined square footage of a multistory house and other exterior structures including garages can be no more than 35% of the area of the lot, with 40% for houses on the shores of the Lake. Upper floors can be no larger than 75% of the area of the first floor, creating a staggered appearance, but upper levels can be 100% of the first floor in homes built on Lake lots. The area is west of Swinton, and north of Lake Ida Road, except for Delray Lakes. The Commissioners created an overlay district that allows additional restrictions on building and land use to be decided by the city.

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