Monday, June 09, 2008

The Delray Beach City Commission met last week to hear from residents about regulating construction in the Lake Ida area. The Lake Ida Neighborhood Task Forced proposed that one-story houses can cover no more than 40% of the property, and multiple-story houses cover no more than 35%. Upper floors are to be no larger than 75% of the first floor area, giving a staggered appearance. The combined square footage of a multi-story house and other exterior structures, including garages and carports, can be no more than 35% of the area of the lot. For houses on the shores of Lake Ida, the ratio increases to 40%. The task force is concerned that certain “out of character” homes might be built in the neighborhood, some of them massive. There are 700+ homes in the Lake Ida neighborhood. Commission members voted to approve a city-initiated amendment to the land development regulations and a full and final public hearing is scheduled on June 17th.

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