Thursday, June 04, 2009


As hurricane season fast approaches, you may be worried about your office continuing to operate when problems arise as a result of a hurricane. No need to worry; now there is a solution that others are using. Talked with Senior Global Account Manager, Don Sabol recently. His 1Vault Networks ( true CAT 5 Rated & SAS 70 type II Data Center in Ft. Lauderdale has created a full suite of Business Continuity Planning. The company offers a Co-location center where data communications and media converge and interconnected, servicing multiple high end IT solutions customers. Each client can locate network, server and storage equipment there and interconnect to a variety of telecommunications and other True Tier 1 network service providers. Co-location is provided on a massive scale for needs ranging from modest-sized racks to custom cages with 22,000 sq ft of raised floor. Hardware and software installation, maintenance, managed and unmanaged servers and IT consulting are offered. If you are a Co-location client at 1 Vault, DR Seats and DR Suites are available, so your entire businesses can temporarily relocate to ensure continuity to customers in spite of outside conditions. They also provide and full range of Managed Security, Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Check this out! Contact Don Sabol, Office # 954-736-2725 or CALM YOUR WORRIES NOW, folks! Remember that old saying, "AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE."

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