Friday, February 19, 2010


On March 13th, Gumbo Limbo will celebrate their 5th Annual Sea Turtle Day from 10 a m to 4 pm.  Included in the celebration will be marine life, our oceans, terrestrial species and habitats along with a fun-filled day of environmental education.  Learn about conservation to help make our world a better, cleaner place, and how all species and habitats are interconnected.  This year’s focus will be on responsible fishing.  Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

CBS Channel 12 will feature on their morning show on February 21st a live broadcast from Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, from 6-9 am.  CBS recently showed surgical treatments for 35 green sea turtles affected by fibropapilloma, a virus which manifests in fleshy tumors on the turtles skin.  It is contagious among turtles, but does not affect humans.  Currently, only surgery can remove the tumors.  After surgery and a short recovery period, the turtles will be released to the ocean.  There were 5000 “cold-stunned” turtles rescued during 2 weeks of abnormally cold temperatures in Florida. 
Come to Gumbo Limbo and stroll around the butterfly garden, climb the observation tower on the boardwalk through coastal hammock, sit in a hut, see saltwater tanks brimming with marine life and take photos of the 7 giant turtles in the sea turtle garden. 

Wiggy, the Kemp’s Ridley turtle pictured about was captured as an adult in 1971 and is presumed to be born about 1960. 

The turtle pictured here, FeeBee, a Loggerhead, survived pneumonia and was hatched in July 2002 in Spanish River Park in Boca Raton.

Above is Milton, another Loggerhead, hatched in July 2002 south of the South Beach Pavilion in Boca Raton.  97 out of 102 of Milton’s eggs hatched.

You can adopt a sea turtle, including FeeBee or Milton, to help support their care and feeding.

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