Saturday, September 04, 2010


The September 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens features the home of Institute for Luxury Home Marketing President, Waco Moore, built in 1957 and then named as Better Homes and Gardens “Idea House of the Year.”  Waco and his wife Mila Goldman-Moore, who is an architect and served as general contractor after they purchased the house, have kept true to the modern aesthetic, but have incorporated “green features” such as shredded denim insulation and tank-less hot water heaters.  Mila says her favorite element in their bedroom is the easy access to the outdoors and future plans may include a porch with a sleeping alcove in that area.

Before moving in, they stripped the interior down to the studs, maintained the basic floor plan, and removed crown moldings to keep a simplified look.  They also replaced Victorian-style decorative doorknobs. Planning ahead, the inexpensive kitchen cabinets are freestanding, and if they redo the kitchen, they will merely be moved into the garage.  Open storage shelves help to declutter.

Still “The Idea House of the Year,” the Moore’s are in trend with today’s modern times with a non-wasted space floor plan, connections between living areas that are “family-friendly,” natural light streaming in, and a nice indoor-outdoor flow making the house seem larger than its 2100 sq ft.  Towering canopy oaks shade the house and offer breezes and sunlight where it is needed. 

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