Friday, February 13, 2015


It was the pictures in an ad on my computer for some oriental dinners that made me head for dinner over to PeiWei off Palmetto in Boca DelMar.  The week before I was headed to Trader Joes on Federal and Linton, to buy fish for dinner, but when I saw a new PeiWei there, I happily succumbed.

They steamed my shrimp and I ordered lo mein to go with it.  Very tasty and healthy.  They had a new item, CRUNCH ROLLS that look delicious, but I was not hungry enough to have that too.  Maybe next time.  Opened and ate three fortune cookies, liking the first one best which said, “Good Times are Ahead.”  I figure if I open three, one is bound to be good.  And, I like the taste of the cookies. Their chocolate chip cookies are crunchy and have chocolate bursts.  There are gluten free alternatives too.  Choose from spicy or not spicy vegetable spring rolls, crab wontons, lettuce wraps  and chicken, shrimp, steak or vegetables and tofu dishes. Top it all off with fresh cut orange slices, found usually where the utensils are.  What is your favorite meal there?

The d├ęcor is “quiet” with dark wood benches, tables and chairs.  Enticing odors waft my way from the open kitchen – all you see are the heads of the cooks, but you can hear them cooking. When you order at the counter, they give you a small plastic sign with a number and that is how the waiter finds you when your order is ready.  There is never a long wait.  My small size portion was around $10.  FYI Pei Wei has 190 locations in the US, including Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach at the Palm Beach Mall.
If you have a favorite Asian food restaurant, drop me a line and tell me about it so we can tell the Readership.

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