Thursday, June 18, 2015


ALL seats spoken for at Preservation Foundation’s Venice evening.  “Summertime was shown but the real stars were the buildings, wall murals, exquisite tile work and statues. 

If you have been to Venice, or not, “Summertime” takes you there like it is. The first short showed the gondolas and ferries in fast motion, and made us wonder how there were no accidents on the Grand Canal.  The movie was most romantic and highly scenic.

The Foundation building at 311 Peruvian Avenue in downtown Palm Beach is a work of art itself, and worthy of your study.  The appropriateness of the movie for our crowd echoed the mission of the Foundation. 

Over 30 years, the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach has

  • given millions of dollars for the preservation and restoration of historic properties
  • worked advocating for over 290 landmark properties
  • recognized numerous architects, owners, and properties with awards
  • educated hundreds of thousands of children about the architectural, cultural and environmental legacy of Palm Beach
  • saved thousands of archival documents in its library, among many other accomplishments.

It is awesome to preserve historical treasures for future study and enjoyment. 


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