Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Have you considered a new hobby?  Ever stood at an easel, brush and palette in hand, and thought about what to put on the canvas?  Taken photos everyone admires?  Been inspired by an artist’s lecture?

The ARMORY ART CENTER, located in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, offers classes for all ages, exhibitions, art salons, lectures, special events. 

·       Learn more about painting, an endless subject to study from different periods to different methods.

·       Be inspired to make beautiful ceramics and pottery that you will love too much to gift to someone else. 

·       Bring your camera, learn about taking photos, and there are many sites that may be willing to sell your photos.  Have you tried jewelry making - you could sell your designs. 

·       Have you been to Murano and admired the glass fusing?  You can do it here as well as welding and using blow torches.

·       Sculpture – remember that Michaelangelo may have said to an admirer of a sculpture he was carving out of rock: “The man was in there all the time; I just let him out!”  You may be surprised at what YOU let out if you start carving, or use clay.

·       Learn more about an artistic method at lectures, you may want to try it!  And, bring the children and let them freely paint, sculpt, use a pottery wheel.

·       Bring  your art pieces that you created to an evening critique to get a new perspective from others.

·       Attend an art salon, fashion show or party get-together, make new friends with similar interests 

·       Attend the fascinating Visiting Master Artist Workshop Series - when you see what others have done and how they did it, you could be inspired to try.  See their catalog at

A whole new world will open up to you, where you can express yourself creatively, and ONLY YOU should judge the results.  You may focus intently while working, to the exclusion of all other thoughts and ideas.  


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