Monday, December 10, 2007


The Denver Post reports that billionaire hedge fund manager Louis Moore Bacon has purchased Steve Forbes’ 171,000 acre Trinchera Ranch in Colorado for $175,000,000, pictured above, a new record for housing purchases. AP reports that Forbes ($500 MM net worth)sold the property to 51-year old Bacon ($1.7 BB net worth) because he has a solid conservation record and could be trusted to preserve the ranch. The Aspen Daily News article says the property is the largest privately owned ranch in Colorado and was part of the Sangre de Cristo Spanish land grant made in 1843. Malcolm S. Forbes purchased the property for roughly $20 an acre in 1969 and bought more land contiguous to the property in 1982. A spokesman for Mr. Bacon says he doesn’t have plans for the property “beyond spending part of every year there with his family and friends, enjoying its spectacular vistas, hunting, hiking and the like.” Former highest purchase was made by Ron Baron for his Hamptons’ tear-down. Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan took his $135,000,000 90-acre Hala Ranch off the market after receiving no acceptable bids. There is a helicopter pad at Trinchera, and here is the description from the listing: Colorado's largest ranch. Miles of trout-filled streams and herds of elk, deer and big-horn sheep share the 250 square miles of this private paradise in the Rockies. Acquired by Malcolm Forbes in 1969, it is a place where he would come to savor the tranquil, wide open spaces, to think, reflect and entertain. His children have expanded on this tradition and now make the ranch available for select groups. Headquarters, including the main lodge and state-of-the-art conference facilities are situated in the Trinchera Valley. The lodge itself is a virtual art museum with diverse collections of ships models, toy motorcycles, western paintings and bronzes acquired by Malcolm and his sons. The Forbes Trinchera Ranch offers corporate and business groups beauty, privacy, and luxury. It is a place to think, create, re-charge, and have fun.

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